Why Animated Explainer Videos Generate More Leads

December 28, 2016
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December 28, 2016 Elev8 Media

Did you know that the brain can process visual information 60,000 times faster than it can process written text? This means that it takes your visitors much longer to digest your written content than it does for them to digest audio or video content.

That’s why animated explainer videos have been so successful at helping businesses generate more leads. They’re quick, usually less than two minutes, and easy to follow. In a world where the average attention span is less than a goldfish (eight seconds), quick and easy-to-follow are the tickets to success.

Here are a few reasons why you should use animated explainer videos to bring in new leads.


Remember how we talked about our short attention spans? Explainer videos, when done correctly, keep viewers engaged right from the start. Once you have their attention, you are likely to keep it. These videos are short and to the point, which is exactly what viewers want.

Over 80% of all Internet users in the US watch videos online. But that’s not even the impressive part. Users are actually spending 100% more time on a webpage that has video content than on a webpage with text only.

In the long run, this gives you a minimum of 16 second to catch a lead’s interest – rather than just eight seconds.


Using the statistics above, you’ll see that your visitors are only consuming 20 words in eight seconds. But video can tell your viewers a lot about your product or service in two minutes or less using visual and audio content.

The truth is that your visitors love video. And if your copy doesn’t capture their attention in seconds, they’ll leave your site and visit a competitor’s page.

On average, a video will hold a viewer’s attention for almost 3 minutes. That’s more than enough time to convert a lead into a sale, and double the amount of time you would have if you were only using text content.

Specifically, explainer videos offer the following benefits:

  • Short, concise, and easy to digest
  • Identifies the viewer’s problem
  • Demonstrates how your product or service can solve their problem

All of the information the viewer needs about your product or service can be squeezed into a video that is just two minutes long. Leads can learn everything they need to know about your product or service in the time it takes them to drink a cup of coffee.

Increase Conversion Rates

You know that explainer videos catch and hold the viewer’s attention, but did you know that they also increase conversion rates by 20 to 30%? And almost 50% of all leads watch the video.

Videos are a great way to generate leads, and are far more effective than using text alone.

Why are explainer videos so effective?

They demonstrate the benefits of your product or service in a way that appeals to your audience. Text simply cannot deliver your company’s message in the same way that video can.

Just ask yourself this question: would you rather watch a short video, or read a wall of text?


Because videos retain your viewer’s attention, they’re far more likely to retain the information you provide. This means that viewers are far more likely to remember your company’s name and your product or service after watching an explainer video. Plus, video is more likely to be shared on social media platforms, and it usually attracts three times the number of inbound links compared to text content.

When your video is shared on social media, you help build brand awareness. At the same time, you also boost consumer confidence.

In fact, 52% of consumers say that videos make them more confident about making a purchasing decision. That’s because people want to see how your product or service can benefit them and solve their problems. The bottom line is this: if consumers aren’t confident in your product or service, they’ll be hesitant to buy.

Sure, there are numerous ways to gain consumer confidence, but video is the easiest way to accomplish this. Studies have shown that consumers are 174% more likely to buy a product after watching a video about it. Product demonstrations are the most effective type video of all.

Of course, in order for an explainer video to be most effective at generating leads, it needs to be high quality. Poor quality video can actually have a negative effect on brand awareness and consumer confidence. Professional videos are the best way to target your demographic and convert leads to sales.

Remember, leads already want your product or service. A short, concise and informative explainer video can close the deal quicker than text alone. Text and other media will always be an important part of the marketing process, but video is far more effective at converting leads simply because they’re more effective at catching and holding the viewer’s attention.


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