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We believe your time is better spent handling your business rather than managing your website – pushing version updates and worrying about the latest security holes plaguing your CMS.

Elev8 Media saves you time and money, so you can focus on what matters most: bringing in clients.

And we handle everything from maintenance to security and hosting. Experts in the industry, we’ve brought our passion for security and hosting to our clients in an affordable, stress-free manner.

Never let your website go unmanaged again. Call us today at: 908-892-6777

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Your website is your business’s portal to the world. With our hosting and maintenance service, we offer:

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    Managed WordPress Theme and Plugin Updates:

    New theme updates and plugin updates patch security holes and add function to your website. We update them both on a regular basis on your behalf.

  • 3

    File and Database Backups:

    Regular backups are made of all of your site files and databases, and are kept off-server.

  • 5

    Uptime Monitoring:

    Complete monitoring of your website’s uptime and swift server reboots allow for maximum uptime.

  • 7

    Cleaning of Post Revisions:

    Post revisions are cleaned to save vital database space.

  • 2

    Timely WordPress Version Updates:

    Updates add functionality, fix bugs and fill security holes. We’ll update WordPress and ensure your site’s theme works perfectly afterwards.

  • 4

    Security Scans:

    Malware and hackers can make their way into your website and ruin your business. We perform routine security scans, eliminating unwanted security risks.

  • 6

    Cleaning of Spam Comments:

    Spam comments make your site look unprofessional. Routine spam cleaning is performed with our hosting and maintenance service to keep your brand’s image intact.

  • 8

    WordPress Database Optimization:

    Fast and efficient. Databases that are not optimized lead to slow website loading and response times. Routine optimization is done to keep your site running efficiently.

We host all of your files, and will even make minor changes to your image files and content as needed. If your website’s marketing campaign causes an abnormal spike in traffic, we’ll make sure that all engines are up and running, so your campaign is fruitful – no 404/502 errors included.

Elevate your hosting and maintenance today.


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